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Upload Your Own Image!

Got a great photo or some artwork that deserves to be on a prepaid VISA giftcard? In seconds, you can upload it and create a prepaid card that’s as memorable as it is useful.

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IMPORTANT! Your design will be reviewed before the card is created.

Build—even improve—your credit history.

Use the Simply Credit service with your prepaid VISA giftcard and you can raise your credit score. This open-end personal line of credit is easy to access through your prepaid or payroll card. It’s only $1.20 for each $10 you use, compared to traditional overdraft protection transaction methods that average $27.

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Line of Credit (Up to $400)

With the Simply Credit service, you can receive an open-end personal line of credit, up to $400, when you need it. It’s easy to access through your existing prepaid or payroll card; you can even significantly improve your credit score because you have built up credit.

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No Monthly Fee with Direct Deposit

Sign up for Direct Deposit and you’ll never have to pay monthly fees. There’s no minimum amount of purchases you have to make to avoid a monthly charge. It’s all free and clear.

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Convenient Mobile Access

Even when you’re on the go, you’ll be in the know about your prepaid VISA giftcard account thanks to helpful iPhone & Droid apps. Check your balance & transaction history in seconds. Got a traditional phone? Sign up for text alerts. Additionally, our apps will help you locate ATMS and MoneyPak Green Dot vendors.

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Reload with Moneypak

Need more cash fast? The Green Dot MoneyPak makes it simpler than ever to add money to your prepaid VISA giftcard or PayPal account. You’ll find Green Dot MoneyPaks almost everywhere: Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens and thousands of other retailers.

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Sign Up Today!A prepaid VISA giftcard has so many advantages. It only takes a few minutes to make your life easier.

Your Prepaid VISA Gift Card Includes:

Online Bill Pay

Securely take care of bills online; schedule payments or make one-time payments

Referrals (Earn Money)

Earn money for each person who you signs up based on your referral.

Online Tools

Withdraw money, pay bills, and simplify your life with our innovative online tools.

Free Card w/ Direct Deposit

Sign up for Direct Deposit and you'll receive a free card with no fees.

Free Direct Deposit

Sign up for Direct Deposit and you’ll never have to pay monthly fees, with no minimum purchases.


Along with the many standard benefits of your Prepaid Card, you'll also participate in our Rewards program.

Savings Account

Your personal savings and credit are easy to access through your prepaid or payroll card.

Safer than Cash/Credit Cards

Our Prepaid cards have been proven safer than traditional credit and debit cards.